Which exposure meter to use in aperture priority mode

Which exposure meter to use in aperture priority mode

From the article on ideal exposure, you know that the assessment of the illumination of the frame is related to the type of exposure metering used.

This is where the error is hiding, due to which beginners as opposed to https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-videography/ get spots scorched into white or sunken into black in the final picture.

If you use spot metering, and when shooting, the focus point hits a spot of dark color, the camera will raise the exposure of the frame and brighten the frame too much

The opposite situation is observed when the focus point hits a bright spot.

The camera will try to expose the light spot correctly, and lower the exposure of the frame, resulting in an abnormal darkening of the final photograph.

What to do?

When shooting in aperture priority mode and new to photography, use matrix or evaluative metering.

These types of exposure meters use the entire area of ​​the frame, resulting in a more accurate exposure of the frame by the camera.

This will prevent burnt or dark shots when shooting in aperture priority mode.

What should I do if my photos come out dark or too bright when shooting in Av mode?

Just use exposure compensation.

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