Team building promotes team building, without which success in any business is impossible. An important aspect here is the thoughtful organization of the holiday within the team, which makes it possible to understand what people in your team breathe. And here, of course, one cannot do without such an indispensable attribute of the event as a photo session.

Photos from such events, taken on a mobile phone by the participants of the holiday, as a rule, are of poor quality and one-sided. Especially when employees of the enterprise, under the influence of cheerful drinks, are trying to prove that their gadget is the coolest.

with DSLR camera pointed at you

Cameras on smartphones and tablets really surprise with their characteristics, but most often the owners of such equipment do not know how to correctly use the necessary parameters to create high-quality photos.

But a professional photographer will not make the mistakes that amateurs make. This applies to many moments during photography: light, properly built camera sensitivity, working with aperture, and much more.

But there is another important point: the person invited for photography should not work in an organization that celebrates, say, the New Year, corporate, professional holiday or anniversary date. It is better to hire a professional photographer for this purpose.

1) the photographer will be able to choose the right moment and start shooting when people become most liberated;

2) it is not limited exclusively to staged shots and takes pictures of the participants of the event even when they forget that they are under the close supervision of a photo lens and behave naturally;

3) he can offer both a playful and a serious photo session: when, for example, the head and the chief accountant can be photographed before the event with serious faces against the chic background of the restaurant, and at the time of the holiday relax and be cheerful and relaxed.

The difficulty in shooting a team building, like any other event, lies in the speed of changing events. And a professional feels this, based on experience.

The main task is to make a sufficient number of really good shots so that none of the guests think after the holiday that they did not pay attention to him. Even the most shy participant should be captured as one of the important employees of the enterprise team.

It is necessary, and even necessary, to post successful photos on the company’s website in order to gradually build the trust of your potential customers. And boring, banal and low-quality pictures from the holiday are unlikely to interest anyone. Therefore, the photos on your site should be professional and up to the mark of the enterprise.

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